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AEC Tournament Structure and Rule Book

POSTED BY Michael Abbey January 30, 2021

AEC Tournament Structure

1. FIFA 21

Our FIFA Tournament Format offers teams the chance to bond and compete remotely through FIFA 21 while playing for their country. Individual entrants will be able to stay socially distanced during the Africa Esports Championship. Rules and regulations are in another document to be shared on our website. The AEC online FIFA tournament is open to anyone with a PlayStation console with FIFA 21 only. Qualifiers kick off in four weeks and so entries are now open for the AEC tournament which kicks off later this month. The minimum age for participation is 16 years and above. Registration is free for the tournament and all teams are required to have a camera with their console as well as stream their gaming sessions online. All players will be encouraged to make don an official jersey to reflect their countries’ colours.

1.1. Round Robin FIFA Tournament Format There will be 16 groups altogether with each group having 4 gamers representing different countries. Each country will send 4 gamers each. The initial round-robin group stage as well as the 2nd and 3rd rounds are to gauge skill levels before the tournament then progresses into 2 separate knockout phases (single elimination), winners of which will progress on to the Semi-Final and then to the Final.

Tournament format is modified world cup format. Third place match will also be held to determine the 3rd placed gamer. A total of 224 games will be played to determine the winner. All gamers must on the PlayStation 4 and have a copy of FIFA 21 installed with PSN Plus account.

1.2. Definitions A ‘match’ will see an individual gamer successfully conclude a game against an opponent. A ‘fixture’ is a 6-minute FIFA game. The outcome of a single match is determined by the aggregate score of the individual fixtures. Every player is responsible for keeping up to date with their own fixtures. 1.3. Timings Games will be played during the evenings to minimize disruption to normal working hours and kick-off times will be staggered to suit daily schedules. Gamers are reminded play with respect for the opponent and fellow players. Players are reminded that they are representing their country and the tournament is to be played in a competitive and courteous manner.


2.1. General Rules

▫ Use of an emulator by any or all team members attracts an automatic and instant disqualification from AEC 2020 and a 5-year ban from all AEC event.

▫ Gamers may play with mobile or tablets of their choice

▫This 5-week long tournament shall be played by 96 African PUBGM teams consisting of four (4) phases: Group stages, Quarter-Finals, Semi-finals and The Finals.

2.2. Group Stages (GS) The group stages also known as the Regional Qualifiers will have twelve (12) groups. The top eight (8) from each group proceeds to the quarter-finals after a total of 66 games are played.

2.3. Quarter-Finals (QF) The qualifying teams shall then be placed into six (6) groups. Once again, the top eight (8) teams from each group proceed to the Semi-Finals. The 9th and 10th teams from these same groups shall play probation round and eight (8) of them promoted to the Semi-Finals. A total of 12 games shall be played from

2.4. Semi-Finals (SF) The semis shall consist of four (4) groups comprising the main qualifiers of the QF and the Probation Group. After their rounds of matches, the top four (4) shall then be promoted to THE FINALS.

2.5. The Finals The finals shall host the top sixteen (16) teams that will endure all stages of the competition and battle it out for the cash prize and the title ‘African Champions’.


Format: 5v5 Team Registration only Game Map & Type: Summoners Rift, Tournament Draft

3.1. Team Composition A team must consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7 players. The organization strongly advises you to recruit at least one replacement.

3.2. Player Information During registration it is mandatory to communicate the exact pseudonym of players. In the event that erroneous information is communicated, a penalty will be applied. Teams, however, retain the right to modify information relating to their players up to 48 hours before the end of the registration. Warning: No change of nickname permitted during the competition.
3.4. Game Creation Opposing teams must be present and in full position 15 minutes before the start of the game. The games played for the duration of the event will be accessible by invitation directly in-game.

Captains of both teams will be contacted and invited 15 minutes before the meeting time by an admin. In case of problems upon receipt of the invitation do not hesitate to contact one of the admins of the tournament.

Games will be configured with the following parameters: Summoner’s Rift, Tournament Draft, Spectator: All.

3.5. Match Postpone Each registered team has 1 right to postpone the match. A request for postponement must be sent by the team captain directly to a tournament admin, specifying: – the match (date, time, opponent) – the reason for the postponement (absence of a player, technical problems, others) Maximum length of the extension is of 48 hours. The request will be studied by the organizers and in the event of a favourable response, the applicant will be offered two new dates for the meeting and must respond positively to one of them as soon as possible.

3.6. Delays, Absences and Sanctions In case of delay, it is imperative to contact an admin as soon as possible to announce the duration and reason for the delay, specifying the name of your team, the number of missing players and any other information necessary for the smooth running of the meeting. The maximum delay accepted is 15 minutes after the meeting time. Beyond this deadline, the late team will be allocated a package for the meeting.

3.7. Competition Format The competition will take place in a league format in two phases. Phase 1: The teams are divided into 2 groups of 6. They will compete with each other during the group phase in a oneway match. A victory earns 1 point. A loss is worth 0 points. Phase 2: The 2 teams with the most points in each group are qualified for phase 2. The first in each group meet the second in the other group in a best of 3. The two winning teams compete in the final in a BO5 match to determine the champion of this LOL Africa Cup.

3.8. Cases of Equality between Several Teams At the end of phase 1, ties between two or more teams may arise. These ties will be treated as follows: Tie between two teams: The team which has won the direct confrontation is placed in front of its adversary. If 3 or more teams are tied, the team with the best KDA wins.

3.9 Communication with Coaches Players can communicate with their coaches at any time except during a game (from the start of the game until one of the sides is victorious).
It is therefore authorized to communicate with coaches during the draft phase.

3.10. Match Results In the event that a match is not streamed, each team must at the end of the match screen the result with the stats and send it to the championship discord. Captains can report their team’s score.


4.1 General Rules
Game Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Rounds: Best of 3, Double Elimination
Timer: 60 Seconds
Winner must keep the character, Loser may switch
Stage Select: Random
Character Customizations: Off
All base characters are allowed in the tournament. All DLCs allowed.
4.2 Match Procedures
The following steps outline the process of playing a match:

• Players select their sides;

• Players select their characters. Either player may invoke double-blind character selection;

• Players play the first game of the match;

• The losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters;

• Players go to stage select and select random;

• The next game is played; • Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all subsequent games until the match is complete.

4.3 Controller Rules

• All standard arcade sticks and controllers are permitted.

• Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) and wireless controllers other than Dualshock 4 are not permitted.

• Players that used Dualshock 4 but do not un-sync their controller after the match are subject to disqualification at the discretion of tournament organizers.

4.4 Match Disruptions • Pausing a tournament match can cost you around.
• If a match pauses during play immediately get your bracket judge. The player whose controller paused the game will receive around loss.

• If a player pauses during the final playable round of a game, the pausing player will receive a game loss. You may lose a set from a pause created game loss.

• In the event that the game pause is due to a legitimate hardware malfunction you will be allowed to get another controller and restart. Turbo and program (macro) functions in all controllers are banned. If you are caught using them you will be disqualified for cheating.

4.5 Important Rules
If anything happens with the server, making it so the game can’t continue, the player must contact the official tournament Admins right away.
Players are expected to read and understand all of the rules and inform their players about the rules. Show good sportsmanship (Gentleman’s Rules)
Admins are above the rules and will have the last say in any issue that may occur.
4.6 Replays
If an admin says the game should be replayed, it will be replayed. The game will be replayed if any of these issues should occur:
• Game crashes

• Game hangs

• Server spikes

• Stream goes offline

• Technical issues

• Medical issues

4.7 Players

• All of the players participating must be registered on the official homepage of the tournament.

• Every sub-account and nickname change must be registered on the tournament’s official homepage if they are going to be used in the tournament.

4.8 Games
Admins decide when the games will be played.
Every player must meet up 30 minutes before the game is scheduled to start, and the game must be started before or at the starting time.
If you are participating in the main tournament, you have to meet in the platform 30 minutes before the game starts.

4.9 Abuse & Exploitation

• Bug exploitation: Exploiting known or newly discovered bugs during the game will result in disqualification of the exploiting player.

• Definition of bugs:

✓ Anything that will give a player an unfair advantage

✓ Anything that makes the game crash or stop

4.10 Punishment

• Warning: After one (1) warning has been given, the game will continue. If a player receives more than one (1) warning during a game, the player will be disqualified from the tournament

• Game loss: If a player receives any punishment for a minor offence, they will get a loss by default, no matter the result of the game.

• Disqualification: A player that gets disqualified will be thrown out of the tournament. They will not get to compete in any more tournament games.

• Point reduction: A player may get a reduction in points for minor offences.

4.11 Gentleman Rules

• The gathering game crew advises everyone to follow these rules, even though it is not imposed.

• Disconnected players shall not be attacked

• No typing in all-chat, trash-talking or unnecessary chat.

• You must NOT be involved in any kind of intimidating behaviour, either in or out of the game.

• Be a good winner and a good loser.

Players must show sportsmanship and respect for each other and for all participants and staff of the tournament. Players at all times during the tournament must strictly follow all instructions. Players must play to the maximum of their abilities and capabilities all the time within the framework of the Tournament and avoid any actions incompatible with the principles of sports professionalism, fairness and fair play. If a player behaves inappropriately and/or does not follow these rules, the referees at their sole discretion determine the need for immediate disqualification from the Tournament and depriving a player of all potential prizes. The AEC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit disqualified players from participating in any future event organized by the AEC.
Behaviour deemed inappropriate and in violation of the Rules includes, but is not limited to:
• Aggressive behaviour towards any other players, employees and audience; • Excessive communication during the game. Only expressions of sporting behaviour (for example, “gl”, “hf”, “gg”, “pp”) and adequate communication are allowed; • Fraud (cheating) in any form; • Using any in-game bugs to get an advantage;
• Participation in any action related to match-fixing (any offers on match-fixing received by the player must be immediately transferred to the AEC; • Any behaviour unacceptable to the AEC; Any other violations of these Rules.
All property rights (including, without limitation, any rights to marketing, media and intellectual property) associated with the Tournament belongs to the AEC or their respective owners.
Players must not associate their participation in the Tournament with commerce, and must not use any intellectual property rights of the AEC or other relevant owners, as they should not allow third-parties to do this without the prior written consent of the AEC.
Players will also acknowledge the following: Tournament / Tournament matches can be broadcast online (video broadcasting) by the AEC with the participation of official commentators of the Tournament. To eliminate the possibility of fraud, an artificial chronological delay of the video broadcast is made – 15 minutes.

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