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1. Team Requirements

All registered Teams must be an Africa based team to qualify to participate in the AEC

2. Roster

Each Team is required to maintain, at all times during the Tournament, four players in the
Team’s starting lineup (“Starters”) and has the option of adding two additional players
who shall act as substitutes (“Substitute”). Tournament Officials shall have the
right to disqualify any Team with an incomplete roster. Teams are strongly encouraged
to register six players and one captain which is the maximum number of players allowed.
All Starters, and any Substitute replacing a Starter, must be eligible to participate in all
Tournaments. Teams must at all times comply with the minimum roster requirement
during the Tournament. If at any point a Team’s roster falls below three players, the
Team will be subject to disqualification or other sanctions, unless given permission to
drop below the minimum roster by Tournament Officials, at their sole discretion.

3. Team Captain

Each team must designate one player as it’s captain when completing the online
registration process (“Team Captain”). The Team Captain will be responsible for all
Team communications with Tournament Officials. The Tournament Officials will rely
upon the captain for any communications from the Team Captain as being made by all
players on the Team.

4. Submission of Team Roster (Team Registration)

Before the start of the Tournament, each Team Captain must register their Team roster
(including all Starters and any Substitute) using the online tools provided by AEC Staffs.
No changes to a Team’s roster will be permitted after a Team’s registration has been
processed without the prior approval of the Tournament Officials (including for changes
due to sickness, etc.).
Tournament Officials have the right to reject any Team name or logo and to request the
team to select an alternative name or logo that complies with these rules and regulations.

5. Team Names

The Team’s name will be selected at the time of registration and will not be changed at
any time during the Tournament without the prior written approval of the Tournament
Officials. All Team names must be different and unique. Team names should not include
any word or phrase in any language that is offensive, toxic or harmful. A Team name
cannot include total or part of a corporate name or make use of company trademarks.

6. Game Version

The version of PUBG MOBILE used for Tournament Games will be the Latest Version
released globally.
7. Player Accounts
Players will use their own online accounts and Gamertags for the Events.Player account
must also have a minimum of 3 seasons experience with at least a Platinum Rank.

8. Game Lobbies

All the tournament games will be played in-game lobbies hosted by AEC Prior to a
Tournament start time, Team Captains will be notified of the official tournament room
details that will be used to host official Tournament Game lobbies.

9. Timeliness of Game Start

It is expected that all Tournament Games will begin at the scheduled time. Any delay
caused by issues arising out of a Team Member’s inadequate preparation will be assessed
by Tournament Officials. Penalties for tardiness may be assessed at the discretion of La
Cup D’Africana.

10. General/Game Setup







Game Mode: TPP
Team Size: 4 players
2 (Substitute)
The Tournament Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the required game or
player settings at any time in their sole discretion prior to the start of any Tournament


Flare guns are not allowed. Teams caught using flare will be sanctioned accordingly.

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