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South Africa  is the first country to kick off with their AEC 2020 tournament qualifiers, starting the first round of the South Africa PUBG qualifiers on the 16th of November.

The kickoff went within schedule through the hard work of the country operator, his team of organizers and the diligence of the gamers. The round one took place on the 16th, 18th and 19th of November. South Africa started their national qualifiers with PUBG Mobile having 54 registered teams participating.

Teams are presented below

The round one of the tournament is structured into 6groups of 9 teams in each group. 18 games games were played and the best 27 teams got selected to the second round of the tournament.

The teams below qualified from the first round of the South African edition of AEC20 PUBG tournament

The date for the round 2 of the South African AEC2020 PUBG tournament

The second round of the south African AEC2020 PUBG tournament is scheduled to take place on Monday 23rd of November. The round two will fixture 27 teams in three groups with each group consisting of 9 teams.

Streaming of the tournament has been Gorillagang Gaming on Facebook and Active gaming on youtube.

The qualifiers in south Africa are been run by the Africa Pro League

some special mentions of the teams in the tournament are:

  • EFX Esports who won the Redbull Meo South Africa Region and will participate next year at a lan against the winners from other countries.
  • GODSENT Temper who is the Umzansi S1 Champions
  • eXile Africa special mention for being the current winners of Mettlestate Pro Series (very popular in SA)
  • EFX Esports who was the top fragging team in round 1 SA qualifiers with 61 kills in 6 games and a special mention to eXile Africa for the most chickens in round 1 which was 3/6

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